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I had a really bad experience when a girl who I thought was my best friend just abandoned me when I needed her the most a few years ago, and now I struggle to trust anyone apart from OH.I have this feeling too, but I don't want to just hop into bed with a girl.It's a game of chance and that is what is so thrilling.If you choose to hook up with a person and it works out, that's a bonus.

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While many groan about the number of friendship requests from strangers on Facebook and random trolling on Twitter, an adventurous group of men - and women - are turning to sites like Tinder, Fropper and OK Cupid in search of companionship. The kiss was okay, but he turned out to be boring," says Piyali, who only meets these men at "respectable hours and public places." She might insist that sex doesn't top her list of priorities but a quick scroll of profiles on these sites reveals that Indian women are not shying away from putting their desires out there.

A user from New Delhi, writes in her profile: "You should message me if you're a bi/bi-curious/gay female and interested in some real fun." Many of the profiles of women on these sites mention that they are bisexual.

Lol I have seen how many women are bi curious even though they are in a relationship. I am in a happy relationship but am wanting to see what the curiosity is... I prefer to lick a female then such a male haha problem is I don't know how to find someone in my area to do it again I'm 23 from Shropshire I have this feeling too, but I don't want to just hop into bed with a girl.

Have discussed it with OH and he loves the thought of seeing me with a woman..I don't want to just have a threesome, I want some kind of actual connection, I don't know, like I love my boyfriend with all my heart but how nice would it be to have your cake and eat it too, like being in a relationship with a man and a woman at the same time...

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    Chances are you've probably heard of Tinder, the mobile dating app that's become so huge it has changed the way traditional online dating sites approach their mobile presence.

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    We have rounded up other times the pair made us think there was something going on between them.