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This article examines the costs and benefits of accommodating employees with injuries and disabilities, and describes a creative and practical approach to accommodation planning.Arguing against the commonly-held view that accommodations are always expensive, it will be shown that most accommodations cost little or nothing to acquire, have reasonable costs to implement, and add value to the workplace.Expensive when first brought to the market, adaptive technologies are becoming affordable.A voice recognition system for a PC (personal computer) that cost ,000 in the late 1980s can be bought in 1998 for .Accommodated employees can participate fully in the culture of the workplace and take advantage of opportunities for personal and career development — activities that benefit the company.JAN reports that nearly half (49%) of the companies surveyed said that accommodations allowed them to retain a qualified worker and increase the worker's productivity.

By accommodating employees a company preserves its pool of talent and experience.

For example: Problem: A park ranger develops a medical condition. Solution: Purchase a pair of battery-powered, heated gloves — the kind used by hunters. Problem: A laboratory technician who is deaf cannot hear the buzz of a timer that signals the end of an experiment. Cost: Problem: An employee who is blind has trouble using the elevator.

Solution: Apply adhesive-backed Brailled labels on all elevator control panels.

Treating people equally does not always mean treating them the same.

In some situations, equal treatment for employees with disabilities may require different treatment.

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